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Interboro Partners asked ByAndrewCoslow to help design and execute a series of tree planters made from donated 10' retired New York City scaffolding wood planks.  The planters were designed to be made with minimal cuts and to use its true dimensions of 10'  The internal frame cantilevers out from planter walls to provide the structure for external benches and to limit torque in the frame from weathering.   

The internal frame is also purposed to have 3 different functions depending on which plank level it penetrates on the walls of the planter.  The lower level allows for children seating, the middle planks are for adult seating, and the upper planks provide counter height surfaces for reading or working on a laptop in the park.   

The design was done in such a way that the entire project had less than 5% waste from the donated wood and mulch.  The trees are all living temporarily at the pier until the fall of 2013 where they will all travel to their new homes in various locations throughout New York City where trees were lost during Hurricane Sandy.