ByAndrewCoslow - a design company that builds things

Hired by Interboro Partners - winner of the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program for 2011, Andrew P. Coslow worked with their team of architects and designers to design and build custom furniture that now reside with local residences and businesses throughout Long Island City, NY. 

The canopy was designed to be retractable to mitigate wind loads on the individual sails during storms or unusually windy days.   

The different furniture pieces were - stools, benches, chaise lounges, pools, chess tables, lifeguard stand, dance floor, sandbox, tree planters, picnic tables, and a rock climbing wall.   

Furniture was made from marine grade, and white painted marine grade plywood.  

For more information on this project please visit the Interboro Partners website at

Moma PS1 asked ByAndrewCoslow to design and build custom planters for its opening at Expo in the Spring of 2013.  The requirements were to have 4 different types of planters - small planter with bench, medium planter, low large planter, and tree planter.  The planters were designed as a modular system that wrapped the MoMA PS1 roof to close off access to parts of the roof not allowed to the public. 

The project took on a different life when some planters migrated to the trellis and are now used as a screening devices for dining outside of the M. Wells Dinette where ByAndrewCoslow has custom cafe tables in place.  

Planters are made from a #2 of better pine with a douglas fir 2" x 4" internal framing and lined with landscape fabric over weep holes for drainage. 

MoMA PS1's restaurant, M. Wells Dinette commissioned ByAndrewCoslow to design and build 5 modern schoolhouse cafeteria tables.   

Tables have built-in interior shelving for menus, laptops, purses, etc.  The internal structure allows the table to span 8' without any bowing.  Table is veneered in walnut with a pre-catalyzed Valspar lacquer coating.   

Both physical models shown were designed and built for the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program (YAP).  The first, was a scaled model of the design in the courtyard space.  The second model, was an abstraction built like an inside out harp and/or guitar.  This was a representation of the way the canopy design spanned the courtyard space.  The model was veneered with mahogany and built out with violin tuners, guitar plugs, and structural elements found in the neck and body of acoustic guitars.  

MoMA PS1 hired ByAndrewCoslow to design a series of workstations that would allow its staff to have space to work through exhibition paperwork, shoe, purse and umbrella storage, and be built inexpensively.   

ByAndrewCoslow, designed these workstations with affordability in mind.  Comprised of hollow-core birch doors for task surfaces, as seen in designs from Cherner Design ( - these stations have leveling mounts for uneven floor surfaces, task surfaces, shelving, and pull drawer storage.