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Olive Oil Shelving Unit

The Olive Oil Shelving Unit is the ultimate option for customizing your space just the way you like it. This wall leaning shelf doesn't over impose on your space yet offers a wide array of functional solutions you never knew you were missing. 

In addition to the basic shelf, we have designed a place to stash random odds and ends from your pockets, a shoe polishing station, a smartphone sound amplifier, and even an extend shelf with a spot for your hat or purse. Mix and match any of the shelves, make them all the same or all different, reconfigure the order whenever you want. Change your mind later? Contact us and get new ones. 

Custom shelves are not only available, but encouraged - we dare you to challenge us. When you add the Olive Oil Shelving Unit to your shopping cart, it will prompt you to choose which shelves you would like. Choose custom, and we will contact and work with you to create your vision for a new shelf at no additional cost. What? No cost? You read that right. All we ask is the right to make the shelf available for others to purchase on the website afterwards.

Have an idea for us but not ready to buy? Use the form below! Any questions? Email us at

Olive Oil Shelving Unit
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